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We are excited to be visiting the BTCM family in 2024! We love spending time building relationships, learning, and growing together with our Ugandan family. There will be multiple opportunities to use your special God-given gifts on these trips. Our heart is for you to come and serve in your passion. Planning for 2024 trips is now beginning. Contact marsha@btcm.org if you are interested in a 2024 trip!

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2024 Connection Trips

Vision-Driven Projects

Join us on an incredible & life-changing trip to Uganda! Grow in your connection with the cause through an impactful trip focused on relationship building and discipleship. Channel your God-given talents into a vision-driven project ranging from medical and administration to education, sports, arts, economic empowerment and more!

Estimated cost for each trip is $3,000-$3,500 (+$500 optional African Safari)

March 8-19, 2024

June 11-23, 2024

June 26-July 8, 2024

*dates subject to change

Men’s Discipleship Mountain Trek

First Time Ever!

Join us for a brand new unforgettable journey of adventure and fellowship as we embark on a thrilling hike through the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains alongside a close-knit group of young men from BTCM!

Estimated cost $4,500-$5,500

June 11-23, 2024

Minimum of 7 team members

*dates subject to change

Summer Internship Opportunity

BTCM is looking for passionate college students and young professionals eager to respond to God’s call to serve orphans and widows. During your 1-2 month internship, you will:

    • Help manage logistics for summer teams and programs.
    • Lead a small group Bible study with BTCM kids and/or staff.
    • Focus on special projects that use your God-given passion and gifts.
    • Develop your leadership skills by assisting full-time ministry staff.

Trips to Uganda are opportunities to experience the abundance of joy and faith found in the village. Join the body of Christ at work by sharing your gifts to serve our children and walk away transformed.


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Bless the Children Ministries works to be the love of Christ to Uganda's orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them to become authentic, Godly leaders that transform generations.


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