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We have had many years to build a relationship with each of our sponsor children. In the beginning the letters back and forth were more awkward and definitely less personal. Still meaningful though! Now we know about our children’s hopes and dreams and struggles on a much deeper level. We can encourage them individually and use letters and time spent together in Uganda to deepen that connection. We truly feel like a family now. Even when we are not in Uganda all of our sponsor children act like a family, they love and take care of each other. That makes us very happy!

Jennifer | Tulsa, ok

Family Strengthening

Biblical wisdom and academic evidence show there is nothing more significant to a child than the love of a family. In the past few years, we have shifted from a child-centered focus to a family-centered focus by adding family strengthening to our holistic care model. We have seen tremendous healing, connection, and spiritual growth in our children through this program.

Now we want to give you an opportunity to help provide family strengthening for your children’s families.

Thank you.

Your ongoing partnership is making such a huge difference in the lives of our children, our staff and the beautiful community they call home.


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Bless the Children Ministries works to be the love of Christ to Uganda's orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them to become authentic, Godly leaders that transform generations.


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