We loved getting to celebrate with you!



We are so thankful we were able to share what God is doing in Uganda with you, even in this year of uncertainty!


At our annual celebration in October, we got to share with so many just how God is moving through our ministry. We were able to do this in a cozy, yet socially distanced way by providing folks with BBQ and some sweet goodie bags, then sending them home with their families to watch our presentation – filmed in Uganda just a couple of months ago! 

This presentation was so special because it took viewers right into the village, giving them a glimpse of exactly what is happening on the ground with our ministry. We have never had a video that beautifully presents our campus, the BTCM family in Uganda, or programs like this one! 

We don’t want anyone to miss out, so we have left the video up for anyone and everyone to see at anytime of year! So gather your family and friends, grab a cozy blanket, and tune into what God is doing in Uganda.


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