Help equip our children to become leaders of the future.

Trips to Mabaale, Uganda are opportunities to experience the abundance of joy and faith found in the village. Join the body of Christ at work by sharing your gifts to serve our children and walk away transformed

BTCM mission trips are currently suspended due to COVID-19. 

We have no idea when Uganda will re-open its borders, or when it will be safe to travel there again. We covet your prayers for healing of COVID-19, so that we can be with our BTCM family again soon.We are hopeful for the following tentative trips but are unsure if they will be a reality. Please email and let us know if you are interested and we will keep you updated as time reveals future opportunities.

Tentative Upcoming Trips: 

December 27- January 7 Children & Youth Ministry Team
Summer 2021 Children’s, Constructions, and Medical Teams

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