Hosting a Facebook Fundraiser

We are so excited to invite you to host a fundraiser for Bless The Children Ministries for Giving Tuesday! Your support and encouragement this season mean everything to us. This year our theme is Restoring Hope – and you are doing exactly that by hosting this fundraiser.

Here’s what you need to do! On Tuesday, November 30th


  •  Open Facebook, go to the menu options, and click “Fundraiser”
  • Choose “Bless The Children Ministries” as your charity of choice
  •  Choose our most recent photo as the fundraiser’s header
  • Create a goal you want to achieve within the day
  • Copy the below paragraph in the description of your fundraiser
  • Post away! We are so thankful and we can’t wait to watch God move! 

“This Giving Tuesday, I am hosting a fundraiser for Bless The Children Ministries! Bless The Children Ministries is a nonprofit organization in Uganda that provides holistic care and education to children and families in Uganda. Any amount that you donate makes a difference! The theme of this season’s fundraiser is Restoring Hope. Because each dollar you donate adds to the bigger picture of restoring the hope of those in need in rural Uganda. Here are a few specific ways your donations help. Thank you all so much – any amount helps us meet our larger goal!

●  $100 can restore hope by providing basic material needs for a child

●  $400 can restore hope by providing primary education for a child

●  $1,000 can restore hope by providing family strengthening for a family

●  $5,000 can restore hope by providing loving house moms for 60 children ”

We are so thankful for you!