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Partner with God in the transformation of your sponsored child’s life.


Letters can foster a connection that will last a lifetime.


An act of love to show your sponsored child you’re thinking of them.


Take a trip and meet your sponsored child face to face.



We believe the child you sponsor, as a son and daughter of God, is called to grow up to be a godly influence that transforms their families and communities for generations to come. Prayer is a powerful tool that we invite you to use in order to partner with what God is doing in and through your sponsored child. It is an invitation from the Holy Spirit to speak truth and insight over your child and their family, believe with them for their goals and dreams, stand with them through their hardest days, and come into agreement with the truth of who the Father says they are. Join our monthly prayer email as you pray for your sponsored child by sending a message to



As a Christ-follower, your words are packed with the power of the Holy Spirit behind them and you have an incredible opportunity to speak hope and life to your sponsored child. The most effective way to do this is through letter writing. A typed or handwritten letter communicates a message that the child you sponsor is valuable to you. They will know that you stopped everything you were doing to intentionally connect to them, though worlds away. Letters make the distance between you both, feel a little bit smaller. Whether it be a few thoughtful words of encouragement or pages long, your words will build self-esteem, foster a healthy relationship, encourage the dreams your sponsored child has, and express God’s heart for them.

How do I send my letter?

Please send your letters one of two ways:

Email your BTCM Letters to: or

Mail your letter and photos to: Bless The Children Ministries – 9340 S. 95th E. Pl Tulsa, OK 74133.

Once we receive your letters, we will be forwarding it on to your sponsored child via mail, or with the next trip over. We understand that this is not a speedy system and are looking into a process to have our letters shared digitally with our staff in Mabaale. Sometimes it is difficult for children to write back more than twice a year, but if your sponsored child is able to return a letter, it will be sent to Bless The Children Ministries. We will contact you when we have received mail for you from your sponsored child, student or staff member. For letter prompt ideas and guidelines, please email



Twice a year, there is an opportunity for sponsors to send a physical gift to your sponsored child with our summer and winter missions teams, or to make a separate donation to cover the cost and we’ll purchase it on your behalf! You can also give a monetary gift at any time for your sponsored child’s birthday or for any special needs, like medical support, that arise throughout their duration in our program. Monetary gifts are used to make in-country purchases that will help stimulate the local economy and greatly bless your child! To give the child you sponsor a gift, email for more information.



Just imagine looking the child you sponsor in the eyes for the first time! Each year, we host several trips to serve in Uganda where you can finally meet, play with and talk to the child that you’ve been investing in with your prayers, your heart, and your finances. These trips give you a deeper glimpse into the life of your sponsored child and BTCM’s mission and give you the opportunity to meet our entire BTCM family, stay on campus, and interact with your sponsored child! They have been shown to be transformative and life-changing for both you and your sponsored child! To learn more about visiting your sponsored child email

Walk side by side with your child as they discover their worth and pursue their dreams.

“That first night I arrived and met our first sponsor child, Felix, I was so touched by all the love and warm welcome we received. The Ugandans express their feelings by laughing, dancing and singing and sometimes talking if necessary, and it’s so freeing to be able to do that with them.”

Beth (sponsor)

“Letters from my sponsor are so special as they are personal and my very own. The message my sponsor writes makes me feel loved.”
*name changed for privacy

“I encourage anyone who sponsors to trust God to go and visit their ‘children’ and those who don’t sponsor…go anyway, it will change your life for the better and let you see the heart of God in this ministry.”

Muriel (sponsor)


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