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Child ID: UG-677-0274

Monthly Need: $132

Naomi is the 1st born of 7 children. She has a big heart for Jesus, loves to lead worship, and has been focused on following Jesus despite her hardships and the temptations she has faced. She is in nursing school and excited about serving others through nursing. She has one sponsor, but needs another to come alongside her to support her through nursing school.  Naomi has a big personality and is always smiling.  She is full of joy and is a leader of her peers.

Passion: She is so excited to serve others as a nurse.  She also loves leading worship and helping others.

Age: Born in 2001


Child ID: UG-677-0279

Monthly Need: $44

Story: Richard is in Senior 2 and is working hard in his studies. His mother and father passed away when he was 1 year old. We have come alongside Richard to support him because we believe in him. He has one sponsor, but needs one more to come alongside him.  Richard is humble, smart, strong, and very hard working.

Passion: He loves cooking, gardening, soccer, and one day hopes to become a doctor.

Birthday: February 1, 2001



Monthly Need: $220

Jennifer is a sweet and loving young woman. Though she is a little shy, she is very smart.  Jennifer is starting nursing school this year and has always dreamed of becoming a nurse.

Birthday: June 22, 1999


Child ID: UG-677-0105

Monthly Need: $44

We are working to empower Rosemary’s mother who has been struggling with illness and poverty.  Rosemary is a very joyful young woman.  She is very smart and a hard worker.

Passion: She loves singing and dancing in the choir.  She also loves working in the garden, and is really good at it.

Class: Senior 1

Birthday: November 11, 2003



Monthly Need: $88

Naftali’s parents passed away when he was young.  He was alone and struggling with his brother when he came to BTCM.  He is now thriving as a young man and learning to follow Jesus.  He is smart and helpful!

Passion: He loves to play soccer and wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

Class: Senior 1

Birthday: January 1, 2003


Child ID: UG-677-0342

Monthly Need: $44

Philimon lost both of his parents when he was young, so he has a grandma who is trying to care for him.  He loves helping his grandma sweep, and especially loves eating meat!

Class: Primary 6

Birthday: April 12, 2009



Monthly Need: $44

Elizabeth recently lost her father, so we have come alongside her family to empower them.  Elizabeth is a sweet, tender young woman.  She is patient and very helpful.

Passion: She has a beautiful voice and loves singing in the choir.

Class: Senior 5

Birthday: January 1, 2002



Monthly Need: $44

Emmanuel’s mother passed away in childbirth and he was left with his father’s 2nd wife.  His father is struggling with diabetes and so he has come to BTCM as we work to strengthen his family. He is a fun little boy, and loves to eat lots of meat and rice.  He is very kind and does well in school.

Passion: He loves math, science and exploring with his friends. He has also been learning to raise rabbits and really enjoys it!

Class: Primary 5

Birthday: January 1, 2006



Monthly Need: $44

Rose’s parents are alive, but conditions are unsafe at her home. We are continuing to work with her family to improve safety as we support Rose and help her through her education and teaching her about Jesus. Rose is a very fun-loving, joyful young woman.

Passion: Rose loves to lead the worship choir at church and is passionate about helping the younger kids.

Class: Senior 4

Birthday: January 1, 2000



Monthly Need: $44

Evelyn’s father passed away in 2002.  She is living with her mom who is suffering from a chronic illness, so we have come alongside her to help support Evelyn and teach her about Jesus.  Evelyn is a very joyful, helpful, and kind young woman.  She works hard to get good grades in school.

Passion: She loves to play netball and matooke is one of her favorite foods.

School: Nursing School

Birthday: December 7, 2001



Monthly Need: $132

Paul’s father passed away and his mother is now struggling with a chronic illness, so we have come alongside her to help support Paul.  He has 6 siblings.  He is a tender, helpful, and kind young man.  Despite everything he has been through, he is still full of joy.

Passion: He loves to play soccer!

Class: Senior 3

Birthday: February 22, 2000



Monthly Need: $88

John’s parents passed away when he was little, so he lives with his aunt and little brother.  John is a kind and fun young man who is very helpful. He is so excited about caring for animals!

Passion: John loves math and he enjoys singing and dancing!

Class: Veterinarian School

Birthday: January 1, 2001



Monthly Need: $132

Janet lost her father when she was young. Her mother struggles with poverty so we have come alongside the family to love and support Janet.  Janet is a very sweet and hardworking young girl.  She is very excited about starting nursing school.

Passion: She loves reading her Bible and is studying hard to one day have a great profession.

School: Nursing School

Birthday: September 16, 2002



Monthly Need: $44

Peterarina does not know much about her family, she has been through some hard circumstances and is very courageous.  Peterarina is a very kind, sweet, hardworking young woman. 

Passion: She has and incredible deep singing voice and loves to worship the Lord with it!

Class: Senior 1

Birthday: January 1, 2005



Monthly Need: $88

We have come alongside Vanance’s older brother that was caring for him to help support Vanance.  He is a very humble and quiet young man, and he studies and works hard.

Passion: He really enjoys helping around his home, cooking, and digging in the garden.  He hopes to one day be a teacher.

Class: Senior 5

Birthday: January 1, 2002



Monthly Need: $88

John’s mother and father passed away and his grandmother was weak, so his sister has been caring for him. John is a very joyful young man and very helpful.

Passion: He loves playing soccer and really enjoys helping his aunt in her shop.

Class: Senior 1

Birthday: June 6, 2006



Monthly Need: $176

Frank lost his father when he was young, and then cam to BTCM after his mother was bitten by a rabid dog and passed away.  Despite painful circumstances, Frank is a sweet and strong young man with amazing gifts that we know God will use!  Frank has one sponsor, but needs others to come alongside him and help cover his higher education costs.

Passion: He loves soccer, dancing, and is starting college to study social work so he can help other kids in hard situations.

School: University to study social work

Birthday: January 2, 1997



Monthly Need: $44

Anitah’s father passed away and her mother was unable to care for her, so BTCM has stepped in to help her aunt raise her.  She is a wonderful, smart, and loving girl.  Her favorite scripture is Acts 16:31.

Class: Senior 1

Birthday: January 1, 2006



Monthly Need: $44

Justus is a sweet young man that loves to play soccer.  His mother and his father passed away leaving him and his 2 siblings to a grandmother who was unable to care for them.  We are so grateful to have him as part of the BTCM family.  Justus has one sponsor, but needs one more in order to meet his monthly need for Secondary School.

Passion: He loves to sing and dance!  He especially has a heart to serve others.

Class: Senior 1

Birthday: January 1, 2005

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