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Child ID: UG-677-0332

Monthly Need: $44

Christine is a sweet, kind young woman in Senior 3. Her mother passed away when she was young and she has 13 siblings. She is doing very well in school. Christine currently has one sponsor, but needs one more to come alongside her.

Age: 20


Child ID: UG-677-0274

Monthly Need: $132

Naomi is the 1st born of 7 children. She has a big heart for Jesus, loves to lead worship, and has been focused on following Jesus despite her hardships and the temptations she has faced. She is in nursing school and excited about serving others through nursing. She has one sponsor, but needs another to come alongside her to support her through nursing school.

Age: 20


Child ID: UG-677-0279

Monthly Need: $44

Story: Richard is in Senior 2 and is working hard in his studies. His mother and father passed away when he was 1 year old. We have come alongside Richard to support him because we believe in him. He has one sponsor, but needs one more to come alongside him.

Birthday: February 1, 2001



Monthly Need: $132

Jennifer is a sweet loving young woman. Jennifer is starting nursing school this year and has always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She has one sponsor, but needs a second to come alongside her to help her through Nursing School.

Birthday: June 22, 1999


Child ID: UG-677-0461

Monthly Need: $44

Noelina is a sweet fun little girl. She lost both of her parents when she was young. She is in Primary 3 at Canaan Primary School. BTCM is empowering a family friend through the Family Strengthening Program to care for her and her 3 siblings during holidays.

Birthday: January 1, 2008


Child ID: UG-677-0105

Monthly Need: $44

Her mother is struggling with illness and poverty so we have stepped in to support and love Rosemary. She loves to sing in the choir and she is a very joyful girl!

Birthday: 11/11/2003



Monthly Need: $88

His parents died when he was young. His father was a Muslim. He was alone struggling with his brother when he came to BTCM. He is now thriving as a young man and learning to follow Jesus.

Birthday: January 1, 2003



Monthly Need: $44

Her father passed away from AIDS in 2002, she is staying with her mom who is suffering from AIDS, so we have come alongside her to help support Evelyn and teach her about Jesus.

Birthday: December 7, 2001



Monthly Need: $44

His father passed away and his mother abandoned him. His grandfather was doing his best to care for him, but has been unable to provide for his basic needs. Bright is a sweet and cheerful little boy and we are glad to have him in the BTCM family!

Birthday: January 1, 2011



Monthly Need: $88

After her father had an accident that left him blind, her mother abandoned her family. When we met Beatrace she was leading her father around to beg for money and food to provide for their family so we came alongside to support her. She is about to start a Vocational program that will help her get a good future job. She is a sweet young girl with a big heart!

Birthday: January 1, 2001



Monthly Need: $88

His father passed away from AIDS and his mother is now struggling with the illness so we came alongside her to support Paul. He is really great at soccer and has 6 siblings.

Birthday: February 22, 2002



Monthly Need: $44

Charity’s mother got sick after delivering her and she passed away. Her father is very weak, sick, and dying and BTCM felt it was best if we stepped in. She is a wonderful girl and God has plans to bring beauty from the pain in her life.

Birthday: February 13, 2014



Monthly Need: $44

Elizabeth’s father is an elderly retired teacher in Mabaale and he is unable to care for all her needs. She is an amazing young girl with so much potential.

Birthday: January 1, 2002

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