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51% of Uganda’s population is 15 years old or younger.  

Children are growing up in a nation with a history of poverty, corruption, and war that is ripe for investment and hope.
Child sponsorship is choosing to take a stand against broken cultures and relationships. Through years of letters, prayer, and financial support; sponsorship helps to rebuild a child’s identity and creates a ripple effect that brings radical change to a community, city, and even a country’s culture in the name of Christ.

We believe children are the vessels to transform the world for Christ but when the most basic needs are not met and they are fighting for survival, their ability to know their true worth and cultivate their God-given potential is hindered.

This is the reality for many orphaned and vulnerable children living in Uganda.

You can stand in the gap. Give a child the gift of relationship, and have your heart transformed in the process.

Through the context of child sponsorship, we are stepping in to equip these children and set a course for them to make their way toward a purposeful life. When you sponsor a child, you are joining us in the fight for justice and transformation, as we radiate the passion of Jesus. 

Sponsorship helps meet basic needs of a child, including the innate need to be in a safe, loving family as they heal from past traumas, grow in their identity, and walk out the unique calling on their life.





We create a Christ-centered culture that rescues a child,

rebuilds their identity, and redefines their purpose. 


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We create this culture through our four pillars of care:


From clean water and immunizations to nutritious meals and a loving home environment – every basic need is met 


Helping each child experience the love of Christ, empowering them to walk out their faith through teaching, resources, and Christ-centered relationships.


Each child is empowered to reach their full potential and transform their communities with a personalized education path based on their unique gifts and passions.


An individualized child-centered, family-focused care plan to reunify and restore the family unit, breaking the cycle of brokenness.

Sponsorship Impact

As of July 31, 2020, Bless the Children Ministries has served the lives of 499 children in Uganda. We have celebrated 86 children so far that have successfully graduated from the program since we began Bless the Children Ministries in 2008! 

Your financial commitment, starting at just $44 a month*, empowers our staff in Uganda to serve your child. They will have an individualized and family-focused plan, in a gospel culture, for the duration of their time in our care. 

With the opportunity to build a relationship with your child through letter-writing, you will come alongside BTCM to disciple your child as another voice of truth, hope, and encouragement in their life. 

When you say yes to a child, you are saying yes to an international family, partnering in the work that God is doing to develop sons and daughters that know their worth. You will also have the hope and joy of seeing families reconciled and restored. 

Please read along with this child’s story and the impact of each pillar.

(name changed for privacy*)


When Lisa came to us at 9 years old she had been left alone in a fallen down mud hut to care for her 3 siblings after her mother was killed by thieves. Her youngest brother was so malnourished we immediately rushed him to the hospital. She and her siblings were so excited to be able to wash with soap, eat a warm meal, get clean clothes, brush their teeth, and have their own mosquito net, mattress, and blanket when they arrived at BTCM. They were provided with vaccinations and medical and dental care as needed. Through the many years that they have been a part of the BTCM family, they have received needed medication and learned about proper hygiene and body changes. 



The heartbeat of BTCM is spiritual discipleship, and Lisa and her siblings have experienced this through authentic relationships with BTCM staff. BTCM staff serve as role models for our children, living a life in relationship with Jesus and walking and playing alongside kids so they can do the same. The staff also continuously provide any needed counseling or emotional support. Lisa has loved attending nightly chapels, being a leader in the choir, and learning more about Jesus at church and small groups. She learned how to follow Jesus even more during youth conferences, summer bible schools, and serving her community. She grew to own her faith in such a way that she decided to start a Bible Study small group with her friends at her Secondary school! Our heart is that Lisa experiences God in everything she experiences whether mealtime, game time, school, or bedtime. We know that the greatest hope, healing, and transformational power for her life is knowing the love of her Heavenly Father. 



Lisa is so smart and has continued to be top of her class! After spending 4 years at BTCM’s Canaan Primary School receiving Christ-centered quality education, she was accepted at one of the best Secondary Schools in the area to continue pursuing her dreams and hope for her future. Throughout the years, she has been able to use her unique abilities and passions on the netball team, dance team, and choir. Through counseling and training by our social workers, Lisa has been equipped with life skills that prepare her to transition into adulthood. 



Lisa and her siblings only guardian is an elderly grandma who only had the capacity to visit once a month. While our social workers have been working to train and support the grandma to provide safer care and tracing other capable family members, the children have been placed in our family-style homes with a loving house mother. Biblical wisdom and academic evidence show there is nothing more significant to a child than the love of a family. Lisa and her siblings find belonging, nurturing, and safety in their BTCM families which empowers them to grow, heal, and understand their God-given identity. 


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