What if every orphaned child knew their worth?

Millions of children are born into broken cultures that tell children they are not worthy of love. They are labeled:


Millions of children are separated from their families, depriving them of love, care, and connection needed to thrive.


Children who grow up in abusive, neglectful, and impoverished families are significantly more likely to pass it on to their own children.


Low quality education and lack of jobs force children and families to live day-to-day, unable to break cycles of poverty.

But together, we can restore a child’s identity, ignite their God-given purpose, and equip them to transform generations.

Help children discover their worth and make a way for a hope-filled, brighter future.

We rely on the restorative power of relational discipleship to equip and enable our children and staff to thrive in every area of their lives. Our family-based, holistic care is designed to help our children embrace their God-given potential and equip them to transform their communities.

We identify, equip, and place children into safe, loving, and permanent families.

Every child is given the opportunity to excel and reach their fullest potential through a full continuum of education.

We help each child develop and nurture an authentic, personal relationship with God and with community.

As our children transition to adulthood, we ensure that they are well equipped to thrive in and positively impact their world.

The biggest blessings come in the smallest sizes.

That has been the story of Ivan as he’s grown up in our care. He was first brought to Bless the Children severely malnourished, rejected by the community, with no family or guardian to care for him. Ivan, almost two years old, was the size of a 9 month old because of his malnourishment. With significant developmental challenges, our team recognized that it would take a village to care for Ivan.

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Bless the Children Ministries works to be the love of Christ to Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them to become authentic, Godly leaders that transform generations.


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